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With our in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry, we can assist clients in offering new and/or refurbished spare parts and component supply management, procurement and distribution services for any type of commercial and military aircraft, fixed and rotary wing, worldwide. We have long established global partnerships with aerospace organisations, who are providers of aftermarket parts and equipment sales, supply-chain management services and related value-added services for the aviation industry. With these partnerships, we can deliver all types of aircraft spare parts.

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Flite Path is the exclusive Australian & New Zealand distributor for Timken aircraft Wheel Bearings.

Timken Aerospace is dedicated to engineering, designing and manufacturing precision bearings for the aerospace industry.

Timken FAA-PMA certified bearings are class 2 (metric tolerance bearings made to class N), which have a maximum radial runout of 0.0015 inches.

Timken FAA-PMA certified product is manufactured specifically for the aircraft industry assuring a higher level of reliability than a standard class bearing.

In the case of Timken FAA-PMA certified products, Code 629 includes:

  • Honed cup races, cone races and rollers
  • Each race is 100 percent hardness checked to ensure proper surface strength
  • 100 percent visual inspection
  • Optimised roller size variation for more uniform load distribution between rollers
  • Revision control to prevent unapproved product process changes

All Timken FAA-PMA approved bearings are identified as 2-629 which signifies their primary application is for the aircraft industry.